R-словарь химических составов минералов

Фрагмент R-словаря каталога


Т.Г.Петров, Н.И.Краснова R-словарь-каталог химических составов минералов. СПб Наука 2010

Petrov T.G., Krasnova N.I. R-Dictionary-Catalog of Chemical Compositions of Minerals. SPb.: «Nauka” publishing house, 2010, 150 pages. ISBN 978-5-02-025502-9

Translation from Russian by Olga & Phil Tunison. Editor Elena O. Kazey. 2019

The R-dictionary-catalog contains the information on the chemical composition of minerals as rank formulas that is sequences of elements on decrease in their concentrations. The text of the dictionary is organized on the lexicographic – alphabetic principle that in turn creates a chemical classification of minerals. The structure of the R-catalog is based on the developed by T.G. Petrov RHA-method according to which the rank formulas are ordered linearly unequivocally and hierarchically in a column “alphabetically” – relative to the numbers of elements in the Periodic table. The present R-catalog of chemical composition of minerals contains over 5000 inputs. The R-dictionary-catalog is compact, as the rank formulas are the reduced display of chemical compositions.

In compiling the R-catalog the crystal-chemical formulas of minerals found in mineralogical databases have been used. For the majority of mineral species of variable compositionб 2-5 rank formulas have been designed, which are marked by figures in brackets, using the results of real chemical analyses.

The R-dictionary-catalog is intended for definition of mineral names of an available chemical composition or the theoretical formula of a mineral after its transformation to the rank formula.

It is useful to specialists engaged in definition of minerals by their chemical composition, for geologists developing theoretical bases of mineralogy, geochemistry and adjacent sciences, and also for inquiry departments of scientific libraries.

Текст описания таблицы R-словаря-каталога приведён по адресу:


Таблица словаря-каталога, доступная для самостоятельной работы пользователем (в формате Excel), находится на сайте по адресу: 

https://www.researchgate.net/publication/333673562_2019_Table_of_RDictionary- Katalog_of_Chemical_Katalog_of_Chemical_Composition_of_Minerals

а также по адресу ResearchGate: Tomas G. Petrov.

2019 Table of R-Dictionary-Catalog of Chemical Composition of Minerals

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